Neurological Assessment


Counselling psychologists integrate psychological theory and research with therapeutic practice. They help clients to examine emotional problems and explore the underlying issues that may have been the cause. They work collaboratively to empower clients to make decisions in order to improve their sense of personal well-being.
They work across a diverse range of human problems including bereavement, relationships, mental health issues and other significant life events.

Counselling psychologists typically begin the process with a general consultation to discuss your issues, background history and establish the focus of treatment.

Thereafter, you will normally meet on a weekly basis for a number of sessions. The work is tailored to your presenting issues, and the number of sessions will depend on the severity of your concerns as well as your goals. Counselling psychologists may draw from a number of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, humanistic, mindfulness, or another modality depending on what best suits you.

The relationship between you and the psychologist is an important determinant in producing an effective therapeutic outcome.
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